Unistal's Pipeline laying Management System is a web based solution, designed to monitor the construction progress on a real time basis. Data that is fed in on a daily basis is indexed using complex algorithm that leaves no scope for descrepancies.Reports are generated in a telescopic format that helps to browse deep into a report. The solution was designed to provide real time information about pipeline progress during following three stages, Project Planning, Project Execution/Construction, Operation & Maintenance. The main features that were of atmost importance are:

•  Geo referencing of land data
•  Cross linking of surrounding assets with co-ordinates
•  Data up-dation on a daily basis
•  Real time pipeline laying progress monitoring
•  Monitor online, quality control records of progress
•  Monitoring of material availability & quality documents
•  Uniformity of documentation & reports
•  Real-time creation of Pipe Book, weld book
•  Security of database and world class disaster recovery management
•  Simultaneous monitoring from different locations, by contractor, consultant, client.
•  Printing and export of relevant data sheets, pipe book, as built information
•  Printing of graphical reports

Construction Management
Progress of construction activities (ROU grading to Pre-commissioning).
Reporting formats care customizable. Tracking of each progress activity is reported in form of data, graphical reports and geo-referenced maps. All reports are dynamically linked to data, so any data input will automatically reflect all reports. Indication of repairs regarding weld repair, coating repair, pipe change etc. are reflected in reports.

Scanning Cataloguing and Data Entry
All reports, whether, progress reports, test reports or specification and procedures are linked to the relevant reports. These are also available in a central document online database called approved documents.

Management Information System
Pre-construction and post-construction linkage with videography, digital photographs at terminal stations, crossings, SV stations to route map and geo-referenced route map.


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